Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2017


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#throwback/ "my favourite envelopes [INCOMING]"

Oh boy! My snailmail box is completely full! Need a new and bigger one. So, I see all these beautiful mail and I think this is a good time to create a post about beautfiul envelopes. If you don't know, I really really adore beautiful/handmade envelopes. When you open your mailbox and can find a lovely envelope, it totally makes my day. <3

Here you can see my favourite incoming envelopes. Do you have a favourite one? :P or Do you have some favourite kind of envelopes you adore the most? - Let me know..

Cheers! Take care.  - x

  I love the cute stamps & of course this cute backside <3

 I really like this vintage style :)

 cute drawing :)

Samstag, 22. Juli 2017

#lovely_things_book / "memory-eintrag"


Today I started a new layout in my "Lovely things" Books. It is one of my favourite photos from my dad & me as a kid.
Right now I really love to use sequins in my craftings and of course little stars.

Cheers! Take care. - x

" It's the little memories
that will last
 a lifetime. "